12 March

4 pm CET — 10 am EST – 0 am (next day) JST

Yoshitaka Tanimura (Department of Chemistry, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan)

“Simulating 2D Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopies: Hierarchical Equation of Motion (HEOM) Approach”

Jessica M. Anna (Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, PA)

“Ultrafast Processes of Natural Light Harvesting Complexes and Model Systems”

26 February

4 pm CET — 10 am EST – 0 am (next day) JST

Wei Xiong (University of California- San Diego, CA)

“Ultrafast Dynamics and Interactions of Molecular Vibrational Polaritons”

Ellen Backus (Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Vienna, AT)

“Interfacial vibrational dynamics of ice Ih and liquid water”

12 February

4 pm CET — 10 am EST – 0 am (next day) JST

Darius Abramavičius (Department of Theoretical Physics, Vilniaus Universitetas, LT)

Coherent multiphoton spectroscopy

Gregory S. Engel (Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago, US)

Tuning vibronic coupling to affect energy transfer within a photosynthetic complex

29 January

4 pm CET — 10 am EST – 0 am (next day) JST

Jennifer P. Ogilvie (Department of Physics, University of Michigan, United States)

Coherence and Charge Separation in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers

Paul Donaldson (Central Laser Facility, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK)

Revisiting the protein amide I band with 2D-IR-Raman spectroscopy

15 January

4 pm CET — 10 am EST – 0 am (next day) JST

Mischa Bonn (Department of Molecular Spectroscopy, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany)

“Two-Dimensional Terahertz-InfraRed-Visible Spectroscopy Reveals Inhomogeneity of Water Hydrating Ions”

John C. Wright (Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI)

Schrӧdinger Cat State Spectroscopy and the Future of Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy

18 December

4 pm CET — 10 am EST – 0 am (next day) JST

Peter Hamm (University of Zurich, CH)

Transient 2D-IR Spectroscopy from Micro- to Milliseconds

Howe Siang Tan (Nanyang Technological University, SG)

Studying Ultrafast Spectral Diffusion and Excitation Energy Transfer Processes with Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy

4 December

4 pm CET — 10 am EST – 0 am (next day) JST

Minhaeng Cho

Resolved Spectroscopic Studies of Intraband Transition Quantum Dot, Gold Nanorod, Wettability of Graphene, and Chromophores in Solutions.

Kevin J. Kubarych

Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan, US
“Using 2D-IR to Gain Insight into Vibrational Strong Coupling and electrocatalysis”

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20 November 2020

4 pm CET — 10 am EST – 0 am (next day) JST

Tobias Brixner

Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, Universität Würzburg, DE
“Fluorescence-Detected 2D Spectroscopy of Confined Materials”

Andrew Moran

Department of Chemistry, University of North Carolina, US
“Elucidation of Energy and Charge Transport Mechanisms in Layered Perovskites with Nonlinear Action

Thomas la Cour Jansen

Maxim Pshenichnikov


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