Privacy Policy

Who we are

The contact person for CMDSonline is Maxim Pshenichnikov who can be contacted through

What data we use

CMDSonline only uses the data which is supplied through the registration form:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your affiliation with CMDS
  • The country you’re joining from
  • What your educatory status is

We use this data to be able to:

  • Contact you with information about the conference
  • Send you a link for the live-stream
  • Determine who the target-group is

How we secure your data

Your data is send to us using a secured (SSL) connection. This ensures that the data is encrypted and thus not viewable by a third party. Furthermore the account that is used to access the data is secured with a password containing more than sixteen characters of all types.

How long we keep your data

Your data is stored as long as CMDSonline takes place. This means that the data is stored at least until the end of this years’ CMDSonline. However, if the situation occurs that there will be another CMDSonline, your data will be stored until the end of that conference continuing until CMDSonline stops.

Removal of your data

If you do not want your data to be stored by CMDSonline you may send an email to …. or reply to the confirmation mail send after registration.

Usage of cookies

CMDSonline does not use any cookies for tracking its’ users.

For the verification of the registration form Googles’ reCAPTCHA is used. This service uses cookies. Find out more at Googles’ Privacy & Terms.